The goal for economic development should be to improve peoples' lives by creating diverse and sustainable housing and economic opportunities for everyone.


The first pillar of the Chapel Hill Green Initiative is to build an equitable economy that improves peoples' lives. 

It does not rely on the “one big thing” promised by corporations or on the myth of “trickle-down housing“ pitched by luxury apartment developers. Rather, our town government should empower people to achieve their aspirations. 

As mayor, I will pursue this goal in the areas of housing and economic development. 

  • To enable people from all backgrounds to make Chapel Hill their home, I will promote gentle density, allowing townhomes and backyard cottages in our communities. This will diversify our housing supply while preserving the character of our neighborhoods.

  • In the area of economic development, I will promote innovation by partnering with the university to nurture local businesses and to provide the funding, mentor networks and flexible shared workspaces needed to make Chapel Hill a vibrant hub of entrepreneurial activity. We will make a special effort to nurture young, female, minority and immigrant entrepreneurs to create the economic diversity that provides vitality and resilience. 

My economic development plan is not a “top-down” approach; rather, we will grow our town’s economy from the ground up and middle out, encouraging upward mobility.


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