The pandemic taught us that we count on one another for health and safety. We need to invest in public infrastructure, support diverse communities, and rebuild public trust in our government.


The third pillar of the Chapel Hill Green Initiative is a strong, inclusive community. Through the pandemic, we have seen the increasing divisiveness and mistrust in our community despite our safety and health being dependent upon one another. To rebuild a strong and inclusive community, we need to invest in our public spaces, support our children and families, and reinstate public trust in our local government and democracy.

  • The places that we share - our downtown plaza, sidewalks, bike lanes, and greenways - are critical social infrastructure to create human connections and bring communities together. Unfortunately, many of them are currently deteriorating, unsafe, and poorly maintained. We want lively downtowns with great restaurants, funky local stores, cool living spaces, and plenty of fun activities for families. Providing communities with well-designed, pedestrian-oriented public spaces and streetscapes delivers a rich variety of community benefits in addition to promoting happier and healthier lifestyles. 

  • Children and families are what a community is made up of. The Chapel Hill Green Initiative is committed to investing in public facilities and programming that serve our children and families. We need to prioritize safe playgrounds, sports facilities, early education programming, and culture and arts events that represent families from diverse backgrounds.

  • Third, we need to rebuild our community’s trust in our local government and democracy. We will accomplish this by improving community outreach and information sharing, updating the open data platform, and sharing citizen petition statuses. We will support volunteer-initiated community betterment projects and encourage community solutions to address our challenges.

The Chapel Hill Green Initiative is centered around people, environment, and community. As we have learned through the pandemic, our mental and physical health is inextricably linked to the connections between us and nature, as well as the social connections between us. Open public places, parks, and social infrastructure are as integral as physical infrastructure to creating a strong, inclusive community. It benefits the health and well-being of everybody.


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