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for a more green, inclusive, and resilient future

I’d like to congratulate Mayor Pam Hemminger for her reelection and Karen Stegman, Camille Berry, Paris Miller-Foushee and Adam Searing as newly elected Council members. You fought hard battles and won!


This election had many people engaged and debated over the future of our town and the role of government accountability, but it’s more important to be reminded the Chapel Hill values that we all share, a  diverse and welcoming community with opportunities for all and a green environment that’s resilient against climate crisis and cherished by future generations. 


I pledge to do all I can to help Mayor Hemminger and the new Council lead us in our efforts to come together, to bridge our differences for a better future for all of us.


It’s a humbling experience to serve the Town of Chapel Hill in the past four years. I’m deeply grateful to all of you who invited me to your neighborhoods to share your thoughts about our town and trusted in  me to provide better solutions for many challenges we are facing. It’s an extraordinary privilege of serving you and Chapel Hill, my beloved hometown of 27 years. I cannot adequately express how deeply indebted I am to you.


I would like to thank my campaign team and volunteers, many of you engaged in election politics for the first time, but you put faith in this campaign, sent out donations, talked to neighbors, greeted voters, and put out signs (multiple times). I salute you for your dedication and perseverance. THANK YOU! 


As we write together the next chapter for the Town of Chapel Hill, I urge all of us to keep engaging and continue our work toward a more green, inclusive, and resilient Chapel Hill. The challenges of the moment and the gravity of the task demand all of us to continue our work together. 


Thank you, and best wishes to our Town! 

Hongbin Gu



Chapel Hill Green Recovery


People-centered economic development

The goal for economic development should be to improve peoples' lives by creating diverse and sustainable housing and economic opportunities for everyone.

Climate Resilience

Climate action and environment resilience

With the climate crisis upon us, we must take action to create a walkable/bikeable community, plant trees, and manage heat and stormwater impacts through a town-wide green infrastructure effort.


Strong, inclusive community and public trust

The pandemic taught us that we count on one another for health and safety. We need to invest in public infrastructure, support diverse communities, and rebuild public trust in our government.



This campaign is not accepting contributions from corporate developers or PACs. It is powered by everyday people like you. Thank you for your support!


Our campaign is people powered! We count on people like you to create change. Sign up below, and a member of our campaign will reach out to you.